Your Love Is Right Over Me

Easy come and easy go
its never been enough
searching high, searching low
Monrose for my diamond in the rough
lonely days, empty nights
You felt like giving up
Your never thought I d ever find
someone I could trust
Love Then I looked into your eyes
Love and you forever changed my life

Your love is like gold to me
Is it rushes right over me
and it never gets old
cant be bought or sold
Right fullfilling me totally
your love feels so right on me
more precious than life to me
Over a love that is blind
lasts for all time
the way it s supposed to be
Me ...your love it fells like gold to me...

Take a chance roll the dice
Songtexte it s all that you can do
thought i found it once or twice
Songtext everybody plays the fool
when love is real it doesn't fade
Lyrics won't ever wash away
and now you re here it s understood
Lyric no words we need to say
'cause I know that you 're the one
Liedertexte and my life has just begun


I d make any sacrifice
Liedertext Give up everything I own
I d pay any price
For the deepest love I ve ever known
Alle You're one of a kind
A love for all time

when love is real it doesn't fade
it's never gonna wash away
Your its understood no words to say
your love is gold to me
Love Is now I d make any sacrifice
you know that I d pay any price
Is I took the chance, I rolled the dice
It feels so right on me

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